I can’t get over this, Child’s Own Studio turns your kid’s drawings into plush toys.  They’re so good with honoring the drawing’s details!
From inside the cube - at the Creators Project SF

Beautiful and inspiring… Thanks Maiyet

This guy must be good at Hide-and-go-seek
Sculpture by Tom Friedman.

Ministry of Design.
By Vik Muniz via Imrevolting.net
I feel like this today!
By Venoms
I like this double vision illustration by The Oakes Brothers at the Getty Villa
Can’t wrap my brain around this one - it makes me want to laugh and throw up at the same time
By Chen Chen

by solidgoldpants on Flickr.
Shaun Leane, the amazing goldsmith that collaborated with McQueen on many of his runway show pieces.
Not sure how one wears this but I could stare at it all day.
By Alidra Alié
By .isobel (flickr)


The making of “Hero,” a drawing of my dad composed entirely out of 3.2 million ink dots.

Music by Bonobo - Noctuary
Created and Produced by Miguel Endara

Starting with a goofy portrait of his father’s photocopied face artist Miquel Endara embarked on an ambitious stipple drawing, using 3.2 million dots from assorted Micron pens to recreate the image on paper. Watch the wonderfully shot video condensing 210 hours of drawing to see how he did it and also check out his website where he has a zoomable high-res version of the image.

via designcloud

(Source: thisiscolossal.com)

hand blown glass chicken by Richard Herzog - so delightful!